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Gendan EngineCheck Pro
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Advanced PC-based engine diagnostics for the workshop
Release notes

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Version history release notes:

4 February 2013 Version 3.1

Added support for Gendan Wi-Fi interfaces
Improved interface auto-detection to better identify interfaces
Added Windows 8 support and additional interface drivers

14 February 2012 Version 3.0

Added live data meter/grid parameters for Fuel System Status
Added fixed decimal places on live meters to improve readability of live display
Added workshop details to printouts
Added additional parameters from ISO 15031/SAE J2012 diagnostic standards
Improved interface port auto-detect function for FTDI chipset devices
Added support for higher-speed interfaces
Added per-trip inspection/maintenance reporting, if reported by vehicle
Added list of O2 sensor locations
Added reporting of fuel type and fuel alcohol percentage, if reported by vehicle
Improved support for log file storage where Documents folder not available
Improved processing of recording to reduce processor load
Improved calculation of certain PIDs

23 February 2010 Version 2.6

Added new recording functionality to allow recording of any number of available sensors directly from Data Grid
Added support for multiple freeze frames to be read from the car
Added injection of fault codes to DTCs window from freeze-frame data where not present on list already
Added CAN Mode 6 functionality to O2 sensors tab
Added over 2000 new fault code definitions
Added Windows 7 interfaces drivers in package
Improved Recordings tab to display sensor name and units on columns
Improved layout of Recordings and Playback tabs
Added dropdown menus to Playback graphs to allow selection of required data
Added protocol display in window status bar
Added recording status message in window status bar
Improved COM port detection to locate ports created by drivers after startup
Improved activation screen window text boxes to better accept pasted text
Fixed error when printing directly with IE8 upgrade installed
Fixed error reported when recording new data if playback graphs already in use
Fixed error reported when using no port detection and an invalid port ID selected
Fixed O2 sensors statistics being overwritten on window resize
Fixed min/max not moving correctly during window resize

12 November 2008 Version 2.5

Added data grid view of available sensors
Added print facility for graphs, oxygen sensor outputs and playback graphs
Added new connection buttons to connection settings tab
Added support for new 230,400bps interfaces
Added feature to allow cancellation of interface auto-detection
Added approx. 2000 new fault code definitions
Added feature to prevent scan of COM ports, if required
Added module name suggestions if multiple modules are detected
Improved graphing by rewriting graphs to start on right-hand side
Added delimiter choice to improve output files in certain regions
Improved filtering for 29-bit CAN modules reporting with data errors
Fixed oxygen sensor readings flat-lining under specific regional settings
Improved labelling of interface port selection
Fixed axis colouring on playback graph 2 to match data colours
Fixed missing fault code on 29-bit CAN modules where 4 or more fault codes reported
Fixed wide-range Fuel Rail Pressure being incorrectly reported on some Ford diesel cars
Fixed playback graphs displaying flat-line readings under specific regional settings

31 August 2007 Version 2.0

Added new toolbar for connection, disconnection and measurements unit selection
Added support for 'problem' interfaces
Added auto-detect functionality for interfaces
Added auto-search of new COM ports on connection
Added oxygen sensor graphing, test status and fuel system status functionality
Added in min/max/average to all graphs
Added feature to store last good interface details
Added decoding of CAL and CVN
Added test for exception caused by bad COM port drivers
Added test to see if application is already running
Added hundreds of new fault code definitions
Added multiple module support and new module selection window
Increased freeze frame data support for approx. 20 additional parameters
Moved connection settings from about tab to new connection window
Moved log file location to simplify retrieval on Vista
Removed connection tab - implemented in new window
Improved control layout on existing tabs
Improved view of wide-band sensor current by reducing limits
Fixed wide-band oxygen sensors reporting incorrect equivalence ratio on certain modules
Fixed missing freeze frame fuel status data
Fixed recording columns losing headings after clear
Fixed 100% CPU load after record/stop
Fixed fault in metric/imperial window allowing sensor names to be changed
Fixed fault codes not being displayed correctly on some CAN cars
Fixed web address on About tab linking to non-Pro page
Fixed connection and sensors not displaying as modal windows
Fixed cannot revert back to auto detect port after manual saved
Fixed CAL ID breaking over multiple lines when not reported
Fixed fuel system groupbox intermittently showing on multiple tabs
Fixed switch from 9600/38400bps interfaces not working on some PCs

18 April 2007 Version 1.7

Added Minimum and Maximum display on live data tabs
Added automatic full option settings save on exit
Added reset button to advanced settings to restore default values
Added save of window size and state on exit
Added Battery Voltage for ELM327 interfaces
Added option to bypass VIN reading for problem cars
Added Force Connect option for testing non-EOBD cars
Added option to select metric/imperial by individual sensor
Added scaling to playback graphs
Added record snapshot frequency to recording
Included ELM driver setup in installer to simplify initial installation
Improved control order for keyboard use
Improved data throughput on live data and recording
Improved support and visual layout for Windows Vista
Fixed data update thread using CPU cycles when not active
Fixed certain sensors not being automatically detected
Fixed ECU voltage reading for certain cars
Improved layout of Test Status tab
Fixed missing spacing in text version of fault code report
Colour-coded fuel system status for easier reading
Fixed dropdown not being correctly located when window resized

14 November 2006 Version 1.6

Initial release featuring: Read and clear stored and pending engine fault codes, switch off Check Engine light, full database built-in of generic and manufacturer-specific fault code definitions, live engine information in meter or graph format, on-board test completion status (inspection/maintenance tests), view fuel-system status, supports ELM-based diagnostic interfaces: ELM320, ELM322, ELM323, ELM327


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