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Gendan EngineCheck
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Advanced PC-based diagnostics for your car
More information and FAQ

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What is EngineCheck?

EngineCheck is a software package that will help you read fault information and live sensor values from your car engine.

The package is designed for use with EOBD and OBDII compliant cars:

  • EOBD cars are cars sold in the UK/Europe from 2001 (petrol) or 2004 (diesel)
  • OBDII cars are cars sold in the US from 1996

What can I do with EngineCheck?

EngineCheck will read and display the fault codes from the on-board computer (ECU) that controls your car engine. It will also allow you to view live data with the engine running, e.g. RPM, speed, sensor readings (including mass air flow sensors and oxygen sensor voltages, for example).

If your car's Check Engine light is on, you can use a diagnostic tool, such as EngineCheck, to read the fault code that has caused the light.

You can also clear the codes (reset the ECU). This will switch the Check Engine light off.

Why would I need EngineCheck?

If there is a fault within your engine or exhaust/emissions system, e.g. misfires, poor idling, stalling, the engine control unit (ECU) will normally record the problem in the form of a fault code.

Depending on the severity of the code, and the number of times the engine has seen the fault, it will often then switch the Check Engine light on on your dashboard.

This light is designed to alert you to a fault, e.g. an engine sensor reading out of range, high exhaust emissions, wiring fault etc., that may be affecting your engine running, and hence affecting your car's emissions.

If the light is flashing, this indicates a more-serious fault that might be damaging your catalytic converter. In this instance, the car should not be driven until the fault has been investigated and repaired.

If the light is on, you'll need a tool such as EngineCheck to read the fault code from the car. This will point you in the direction of the fault. Even if you aren't comfortable tackling the fault yourself, you'll be armed with some valuable information when visiting your mechanic.

What do I need to use EngineCheck?

You'll need a PC or laptop (running Windows 98SE or newer) and an ELM-based car diagnostics interface. The interface provides the connection from your PC to your car.

We supply packages that include both the software and interface - please click here for more details.

Will EngineCheck run on Windows Vista, 7 or 8?

Yes. EngineCheck runs fine on Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8 and Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit versions).

Can I remap my ECU, adjust mileage, or reset other lights (ABS, service, airbag etc.)?

No. The package is designed for engine diagnostics.

Can using the software harm my car?

No. The software uses queries defined in European Directives (or Federal Law) for engine diagnostics. The package is primarily only asking the on-board computer for information, so it cannot affect running of the car.

What if it doesn't work with my car?

We try to be realistic on this - clearly, there are so many interpretations of the various languages/protocols by the car manufacturers that there will always be a small number of cars it won't connect to straight away. We hope you appreciate our honesty on this and will work with us.

If you have a car that falls into the categories shown above (OBDII/EOBD), and you're using an appropriate interface, we can gather 'logging' information from the software. Using this, we can work out where the problem is and fix it.

What about updates?

This is a developing package - we're hoping to add many more features. Updates will be free for EngineCheck customers.

I bought a lead from [ebay], will EngineCheck work with it?

Good question. Provided the lead is a correct implementation of an ELM chipset (ELM320, 322, 323 or 327), then it should be fine. Please email us before ordering the software to confirm compatibility.


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