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Control Panel - Home

If you have a Gendan software product, you can now manage your software with this user control panel.

Using the control panel, you can:

  • View the version number of the current release of each Gendan software package for which you have a license
  • Download the software if you need to update or reinstall
  • View the activation codes you have previously generated
  • Update your activation codes if you get a new computer
  • Update your registered email address if your email address changes
The first time you login to the control panel you will need to request a password. A randomly generated password will then be emailed to you, that you can use to login in future.

Request password

If this is your first visit to the control panel (or if you have forgotten your password), enter your email address here to request a password.
(This must be the email address registered to your software)

Request password

Login to your control panel

If you already have a password, login to your control panel here:


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